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A Drop of Inspiration Comes From a Simple Ficblog

...'cause we're both infected by so-called 'writer's block', that's why.

Followthecor and Pandarot's Fic Journal
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COR-NET ; followthecor and pandarot's fic journal
I N T R O D U C T I O N ;

"You become a good writer just as you become a good joiner: by planning down your sentences."
- Anatole France

Welcome! You have just stumbled upon followthecor and pandarot's fic journal. In case you're wondering why we named our ficblog as COR-NET, it's a combination of our nicknames (followthecor being Cor, and pandarot being Net) and, well; we can't think of anything else to name our journal at that time. (Though, to be honest, it was followthecor who suggested this name in the first place. *sweatdrops*)

Anyway, this journal is made for two reasons: One, to get inspired and two, to be able to write again because we're having "writer's block" at the moment - thus, we entitled our fic journal as such.

P R O F I L E ;

Cor a.k.a followthecor

CorFandoms: I dabble in Harry Potter, Beyblade, GetBackers, YugiOh and practically all of CLAMP's works but right now, I am trapped in the web of Tennis no Ohjisama and it won't let me go.

Pairings: Tenipuri - The Golden Pair is my OTP, but I also adore TezuFuji, MomoRyo, Inukai and many others - mostly "classic" pairings. I can actually read almost anything in this fandom as long as it's well-written. It's hard to hate pairings with so many possibilities running amuck. Beyblade - Net and I have the same passion : KAIREI PWNZ ALL!

Genres: I still think I can't write crack to save my life. I have the lamest sense of humor ever, so please excuse that. I'm mostly drawn to writing one-shots that may or may not explore character depth. Multi-parters from me are possible, but those will come by very rarely. This may all change in the near future ( as I am exposed to too much crack in Tenipuri and may be tempted to write my own soon ), but for now, this is who I am as a writer.

About Cor: Filipina, Univ. Student - English Major, Young and Committed, Soul has obviously been sold to the Tenipuri Demon

Cor on Net ( hehehehe...^__^ ): Net is my tennis shoes. She keeps me grounded while I play the Fandom Game. ;))

Net a.k.a pandarot

KornetFandoms: To be honest, I'd like to try my hands on other fandoms, too, but for now, I'd like to focus on Fullmetal Alchemist, although I still do write for my old fandom, Beyblade, whenever inspiration hits me. Might write for Gakuen Alice, D.N.Angel, CLAMP's works, and many more someday.

Pairings: As you can see, I'm not a steady shipper - shounen-ai, shoujo-ai, het or plain gen; you name it. I pretty much ship every pairing that catches my attention (or makes sense to me), and regardless of OTP issues, I also cheat on them sometimes. Major pairings I'm into can be found in my userinfo, but to cite some, my OTP in Hagaren is Roy/Ed, but I also like Al/Winry, Hei/Ed, Al/Ed (Elricest), and Havoc/Hawkeye. Gakuen Alice has me tied up for the Natsume/Ruka and Hotaru/Mikan pairings, and of course, Kai/Rei and Takao/Max in good ol' Beyblade fandom.

Genres: I love angst better than fluff, true, but that's not to say I'm not interested in it. I mostly write one-shot drabbles because they're easy for a person who lacks real artistic sense like me and ficlets. I still haven't tried writing anything that goes beyond PG-13 because I fail at it, but that doesn't stop me from writing it someday. And did I mention I ♥ dialogues and character interaction a lot? Yep. You got it. XD;;

- Because I don't want to spam this journal with my boring profile, you can find out more about me in my user info. I love meeting/talking to new people. ^_^
- As you can see, I love getting reviews, which is why I crosspost my fics to the comms. Major love for concrits, but flames will only be laughed at. Seriously.
- I write really slow. But when inspiration hits me, I write a lot.

Net on Cor (What? She started it! XD;;): If I were an alchemist, Cor would definitely be my alchemy. (sounds awkward, but you know it's special. XD;;) Whenever I'm in trouble, she would always be there to help me out. =D

E T C . ;
This journal is rated PG-13

This journal is rated PG-13. Read at your own risk.

"Talent alone cannot make a writer. There must be a man behind the book."

- Ralph Waldo Emerson