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FMA fic: 'Solace' (Ed x Roy, PG-13)

Title: Solace (Edited Version)
Author: pandarot
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Ed x Roy
Word Count: 576
Spoilers: (Quick) mention of Ishbal war, but that's that.
Warnings: Slight angst and drama
Summary: Everyone believes that Roy Mustang has everything, but is he really?
Notes: To be honest, this is an old work I've written a long time ago (back then when I just saw episode 01-08). I honestly like the whole idea so I edited it. Hope you'll like. ^_^
Music: Taiyou Wa Matta Kagayaku Kitto by Takahashi Hiro. The song fits everything mainly because I was listening to it while I was rewriting this fic. Strangely enough, it's also the same song I'm listening to when I wrote this fic the first time around. XD;;


Many people relied on the military’s power. The way they took serious cases without any sweat; always ready to protect the civilians even if it could cause their lives. It was also known that the military would kill without any second thought if people proved to be a menace to the peace and order of the city.

All of these were in Colonel Mustang’s everyday work, but despite of all the fame he received from his job, he’s no different to ordinary people at all.


Nighttime had became a plague for Roy Mustang. For him, nighttime meant going home alone and getting sleep. The mere thought of sleeping was the only thing that drove the man from staying at work longer - just so he could forget his sleep and avoid seeing that scary nightmare of the people he burned alive with his flame during the Ishbal war, crying and begging for him to spare their lives.

No one seemed to notice one bit, mainly because it was himself who insisted to be fine. There’s the occasional eye bugs, but other people considered them as an act of perseverance and personal strive to get a good promotion.

If only they knew.

Sex only helped to ease his pain a bit - after all, picking women was not that hard for him. All they needed were a little push and some fancy words, and they would willingly submit themselves to him. Maybe it’s because of the fleeting pleasure he felt during the climax and the brief warmth he felt during the afterglow. But even so, Roy still felt the same, and it made him wonder if he’d remain like this forever.

Who would have thought that his comfort had been near to him all along?

The Fullmetal Alchemist had always been a trouble for him, although Roy cared for him very much. He never saw the boy as anymore but a kid, and Edward himself didn’t think of the man as anymore but a self-indulgent fool, but things just...happened. One would never know what life had in store for them unless the right time came, and that’s exactly what happened to himl.

"Are you all right?"

Again, Roy found himself waking up slowly from a bad dream; his whole body was drenched with sweat and his blanket was tossed around on the cold floor. He tried to ease his breath, and when he felt he could control himself once more, he turned around and looked at Edward’s worried face. For a moment, he could see himself - looking pathetic and weak - reflected in the boy’s eyes and wondered if he was losing himself too much from that dream again.


Edward simply looked at him, lying still on the other side of Roy’s bed. Silence overwhelmed them until the boy’s eyes softened and he leaned over him, saying, "I’m here."

They were only simple words - two simple words that assured Roy that someone was still there for him, willing to take away the harshness of reality and the nightmares that plagued his sleep at night. All by saying those words and he was saved.

Without a word, Roy reached for the boy and hugged him tightly, closing his eyes and savoring the warmth that only he could ever give. When Edward returned the embrace unquestioningly, he knew he found the peace he was looking for.

He drifted back to sleep after that.

"A man travels the world over in search of what he needs, and returns home to find it." -George Moore

...I really need to lighten up and write some crack. Yeah, that's it. *dead from unwanted angst* I feel really weird when I saw this and noticed all the glaring mistakes I've added in there. XD;; I mean, come on, it's my first Roy/Ed fic! I'm glad it was only soulsister16 and ikuyona who've read this before. XD;; Beta is busy with school stuffs and I don't want to bother her with my junk; I don't trust my editing skillz at all. ^^;; *gets shot*

Tags: ed/roy, fics, fma, net's fics

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